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What is the Baklava?

Baklava is a dessert made from layers of filo pastry, filled with pistachio and sweetened with syrup. It is made from natural and fresh ingredients. The crunchiness of one bite of Baklava, its mild flavour melted in the mouth, its numerous ingredients flavour and the texture of the syrup create a great sensation. So you can offer it in your very special days like Christmas, Birthday Celebrations, Eid Celebrations. The Handmade Baklava is a very known dessert in the whole world.

What country is Baklava from?

The word Baklava is Turkish in origin and its birthplace is Gaziantep, where the Handmade Pistachio Rolled Baklava is made in a very professional way.

How does the Baklava taste and what are its benefits?
The name of dessert Baklava comes from its initiative content. The flavour of Baklava derived from its numerous contents. It is made from Pistachio, Flour, Vegatable Fat, Watr, Wheat Starch, Milk Powder, Egg Powder, Semolina, Salt.

What does determine the Handmade Pistachio Rolled Baklava quality?
The baklava is filled with the smell of pistachios originated in Gaziantep, which is located in the Southeastern Anatolia. The texture and the quality of its syrup determine its flavour. The syrup should not be so sweety or so sour. One of the important points in making Baklava is to make the layers so thin in order to make the dessert melts in the mouth.

What are the shelf life and the storage conditions of the Handmade Pistachio Rolled Baklava?

The shelf life of Baklava is 5 days as long as you keep it in a cool and dry place.

How is the Handmade Pistachio Rolled Baklava packed?

We pack Baklava in a metal box, after vacuuming it in a very secure way.

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Pistachio, Flour, Vegatable Fat, Watr, Wheat Starch, Milk Powder, Egg Powder, Semolina, Salt.


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